Round in Circles

Thin sheets made out of resin are coiled into a spiral.

In some, the distance between the coils remains constant whereas in others it increases. This natural and harmonious unfolding of the spiral reflects a psychological growth and personal transformation. However, the direction of the spin can be viewed as growing either inward or outward evoking a duality; growth and decay. Being trapped within a continuous loop where no end can be found one feels imprisoned. Each spiral has a center around which the chaos unfolds. Round and round I go. Reminiscent of a labyrinth and the notion of spinning. When experienced from within, due to a restricted view, it can be convoluting and frustrating, if seen from above one can gain clarity and order. This dual paradoxical nature of the labyrinth expresses the meditative purpose of repetition and the re-enactment of one’s suffering resulting in greater personal awareness and insight. The black and white pigments to express this absolute duality and extreme opposites..