“Menstruation…it is your best, most creative time. It is a blessing” and for half the population, the cyclical appearance of fresh blood is part of the rhythm of life itself, mysteriously linked it seems to the greater rhythm of the moon and of the tides the moon leads in a perpetual dance; in the western tradition, the moon is female and dancing and weaving are also akin.

Modern Painters The International Contemporary Art Magazine May 2008

Moon is a culmination of Louise Bourgeois thoughts on menstruation, moon cycles and my concerns relating to pregnancy, nurturing and ancient fertility symbols. The roundness of this piece echoes all the accentuated volumes and curves found in the fertility symbols of different eras. The exterior is not only the stretched form of a pregnant woman but it also resembles the shapes and shadows of the moon.

CATEGORY Sculpture
YEAR 2010
TECHNIQUE Coiling, Smoke Fired, Tape Resist
DIMENSIONS 33cm x 16cm x 33cm
WEIGTH 2,9kg