Constellation references the accentuated shapes of pregnancy.

Taunt bellies of pregnant women and their full breasts are reminiscent in shape. Towards the end of pregnancy many women’s belly buttons protrude as does the nipple ready for breast feeding. I created an installation of ceramic breasts and bellies which hang at different levels. Using the pinching technique to form the basic shape my fingers were constantly in touch with the clay sensing its thickness. Thus differences in thickness, form and textures were created. Having made the basic shape, the nipples and buttons were modelled and texture was added. By experimenting with different glazes and firing techniques a variety of colour was achieved. The pieces were suspended by umbilical cords made by coiling thin iron wire.

NAME Constellation
CATEGORY Sculpture
YEAR 2010
TECHNIQUE Pinching, Raku and Smoke Fired
DIMENSIONS 550cm x 100cm x 1200cm