Food waste is reincarnated into new forms.

Vegetables are meant to be consumed; their flesh of value, the rind to be discarded. To preserve the skin is a tribute, its carving becomes a rite. The pieces exploit the idea of change due to an inevitable decomposition. Continuously shrinking and aging they undergo a transformation reflecting the nature of our very own existence. The art piece becomes a process acting in time and space. By capturing a state of its putrefaction, I give life to what would otherwise submit to decay, probing a rethinking of our relationship with nature and the waste from food consumption.

The material is reduced by removing all excess and maintaining an absolute nakedness. What once gave form returns to formless, an object with a defined and recognizable shape becomes hollow, segmented, flattened, or stretched resulting in an object with a new identity. What we observe is a snapshot amidst the long cycle of emergence and decay of all material things. The human body functions daily in vital repetitive cycles, often unnoticed. Our skin is a barrier separating our inner being from the outer world. A permeable membrane eliminating debris through its pores, allowing for regeneration.