Pump Up the Volume

Pump Up the Volume, was one of 11 exhibitions, part of the first Athens Jewellery Week (AJW 2016) in Greece at the Underflow Record Store and Art Gallery.

The material and theme of the exhibition were set. The material, vinyl, the theme, music. Una Mattina by Ludovico Einaudi began my creative process. Having no lyrics, the focus was directed on the music without being influenced by the context of the song. Thus, inspiration came from sound which I expressed as images using tone, movement and texture to translate the varying passages within the piece. Working from music rather than images which, in our era, are omnipresent, was challenging but liberating. My intention was to compose a piece of jewellery as a piece of music; rhythm, tempo, melody, harmony, colour and stillness. Working from my drawings I developed templates. Strips grew out of spines. Each strip was of varying length, thickness and spacing, bent differently to create variations in shapes. Bent on either side of the central core each loop creates a sense of rhythm and movement. The rhythm and continuity of the music was expressed through repetition of form and spacing. The flexibility of the material allowed for movement and lightness evoking the essence of the music whilst following the curves of the body and moving in harmony with the wearer.