I am a maker. My inspiration, materials. 

My journey commenced in a space where I’ve always been creative; my mother’s workshop. Since I can remember I have worked with my hands. My palm as a mold, my fingers as tools. Experimenting directly on materials I am open to momentary happenings and fortuities. This experiential approach offers; the joy of the unexpected, the freedom to be playful and invite mistakes. Using non-precious materials a piece gains its “worth” by the work applied to it. Pushing the boundaries of their properties, materials take on new identities. 

Having been exposed to diverse disciplines (Art, Architecture, Jewellery) my practice has been expressed through a wide range of media and scale. I perceive jewellery as small sculptures that inhabit our bodies. Influenced by architecture and organic forms my work expresses both the logical and fragile self. This ambivalence is revealed through the use of delicate materials that contrast the ‘strict’ framework supporting it. This structure, although appearing rigid is as fragile as the materials it clothes, questioning its durability and wearability. This twofold antithesis personifies the dichotomy I experience within myself. 

Artistic expression has always been important. Immersing myself into making becomes a process of self-awareness, healing and meditation. Through repetitive acts I recite moments lost in time, translating the rhythm of hand movements into objects. My working process, often involving a perpetual movement of the hands, requires concentration and patience. Empathy with materials and process, a slowing down of time through making and gestural repetition are all expressions of my identity as a maker.

My current work, although still employing structures and frameworks, is changing scale. No longer concerned with small sculptures which inhabit the body but sculptures which contain it my intention is to further develop the concept of wearables. Transparent hollow forms that blur the boundaries of space by filtering air and light.


Joanna Grigoriou, 1992, holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Contemporary Jewellery from Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence. She graduated a two year study where she was tutored by Lucia Massei, Sana Khalil, Attai Chen, and Benedikt Fischer. During her studies at Alchimia she embarked on a student exchange program at Ar.Co, Center of Art and Visual Communications, in Lisbon where she was tutored my Manuel Vilhena and Catarina Silva.

Her initial studies were as an architect at the University of Nottingham in the UK. Enjoying the hands on experience of model making and wanting to further her techniques in mixed media and silversmithing she joined Anamma Studio, an academy of contemporary jewellery in Athens. Whilst mentored by Anastasia Kandaraki she attended several technical and conceptual workshops by renowned artists in the field of contemporary jewellery such as Dimitris Nikolaidis, Peter Bauhuis, Flora Vagi, Katja Prins, Estela Saez and more. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad. 

Active in the field of contemporary jewellery, sculpture and object design she currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.